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king_bow 09-11-2006 04:25 PM

how do i post links?
i dont no how ta post links so all ma raps get closed,

i now chiks who stay open dere legs neva closed,

ive bin a sinna since i rose from da dirt,

ive grown in da hood so im nown in da hood,

wen its beef up goes da hood an out cums da stik,

i aint jokin bruv ill stab sum prik if he tests me,

im breakin ribs if priks are takin shit,

i aint makin clips go clik clik,

i aint neva shot a gun an dont fink i will do,

im 2 laid bak ta get a gun an spray dat,

i jus like ta lay bak an kik it,

if deres a girl lay bak an kiss it,

i dont miss chiks cos i dont love chiks,

ive fukd chiks but its nufin special,

i feel honurd ta rap on dis site i feel like metal,

onli cos not much can move me once i plant ma feet an setal,

im down ta ride for ma boys cos im alive for ma boys,

if dere ther for me ill be ther for dem,

dey care for me so i care for dem,




.:i AM wAr:. 09-11-2006 04:34 PM

Re: how do i post links?
read the rules section......

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