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king_bow is whack

jus messin around

rite so dis is how it goes,

ive bin livin in da streets eva since i was a kid,

ive bin given dis chance ta speek now i wana make it big,

take a second read ma shit an tell me wots up,

ma clips up empty an i dint shoot nufin,

im bak wiv ma group behind chased by feds an i aint do nufin,

people say dat cos i rite like im street i aint deep im blufin,

i dont respect dat shit ur all talk so jus walk on,

ive got my nife cos life can be hard sumtimes it leaves u hurt an scarred,

im tryna wurk on ma bars cos i no im whak,

i flow like im smokin crack but i aint tokin dat,

im lokin gats in ma raps but not in da street,

im bak on da beet but i aint even nown peeps,

ive blown peeps dat say i aint gud enuf or dat i cant rap,

im bak wiv ma curse a sylabul slap ta show emcees dat bows bak,

i call ma self a king but i aint got no crown or throne,

i aint down wiv fags dat jus wana rape chiks an bone,

if ur a rapist u loose all respect so y take it wen u cud ask for sex,

im out for now but surely ive gotta be next im hotta now dan i was,

sumhow i was lost in ma lines but now ive lost da crimes,

ive gone tossed da nines cos i dont wana get sent down,

fuk gettin lokd in a cage for walkin cokd wiv a gauge,

ha ha, yea bowness, ha ha,
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