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Originally Posted by R*O*Y*C*E
^ur a fuckin dick son...L was great and he is sorely missed!..
....nuff sed....
....~*yOu ThInK yOu BaD bUt YoU aInT bAd,
IlL sHoW yOu WhAt BaD iS,
bAd Is WhEn YoU cApAbLe Of BeAtIn' ThE bAdDeSt.
I bEeN wOrKiN aT iT eVeR sInCe I cAmE tO tHiS pLaNeT,
aNd I aInT qUiTe ThErE yEt
BuT i'M gEtTiN bEtTeR aT iT*~....
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