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Cool Re: Jay Z vs Tha Game?

hey sup hommies
Yo theirs been sum contreversy bout Jay-Z and the Game.
Ya'll no da deal, Jay-Z has been in da industry much longer than The Game.
Y r u guys try'n 2 say that the Game is a better rap artist than J. U got 2 give Jigga his respect and remember who came first. Jay-Z haz been hot and da Game jus came out. Of course we all luv The game, and he iz on fire but their iz no way u can compare those 2 artist cauze HOV haz sold so many albums and the Game only got 1 cd.I ain't try'n 2 disrespect no 1, I'm jus tell'n it as it iz. CRITICS WAIT A FEW YEARS BE4 U PUT THOSE 2IN DA SAME CATAGORIE!
Luv to ma peepz, keep'n it real 4lyfe
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