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Re: Jay Z vs Tha Game?

I wouldn't have thought jay would go at interscope, i thought he was down with them, he's done a few tracks with 50, dre and em recently. why would he want a battle with them? if they did it would only be done to boost sales, behind the scenes they would be partying and shit together. I'm surprised 50 hasn't started a beef yet, he's had one with nearly every other rapper. The only one holding it down for the ROC at this moment in time is a producer so that tells u that he does need to sign some quality artists. Royce, cormega, AZ, cassidy, twista and jada would all be good additions, these are all sleeping giants and with the backing of a major label would be the best in the game. Fuck cam, freeway, bleek and the rest of those no talent hangers on. what have they done at the ROC in the many years they've been there??
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